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Did we mention choices to you?  What I mean is, choices is a good thing when you are talking reglazing. So many of the reglazers in our area only give their customers one type of product to choose from. Not Fitzgerald’s Creative Coatings.

Currently we offer two different types of products when it comes to reglazing. Good, better and Best.

Our Good product is an Epoxy Coating. This product is designed for great adhesion. Keep in               mind not all epoxies are created equally. You can go to the big box stores and get an epoxy that will last about 6 months. With our epoxy we warranty it for 2 years for residential and 2 years for commercial. This is our best when on a budget.

Our Best is a Urethane. With this product your are looking for the very best coating.  You can expect great adhesion, great shine, super resistant to staining and the hardest 4H coating available. This product carries a 5 year warranty. This is the top of the product line. When you want the best this is your product.

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