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When talking with my potential customers I hear this same commit time and time again. “I tried reglazing my bathtub with a kit from the hardware stores.”

Well, the reason they are calling me is it didn’t last. Now they know they need someone to come in and fix it for them.


Recently I had someone call about getting their Tub and all wall tile reglazed. After talking for a minute she mentioned she had tried the DIY kit to reglaze the tub and all tile. I proceeded to explain what we would now have to do to fix this for.

She soon realized that by her doing this herself she had ultimately increased the project price by about 50%. Not to mention all the time and money she had already spent.

It turned out I was the fourth person she had called trying to get the best price to fix her problem. It turned out she had found one other company that was new to the area that had given her a below market price to do her project. I told her she better call them back and book them before they changed their minds.

Bottom line I will be the first person to tell you that there are many DIY projects that the homeowners can and should do. However, reglazing is one that should be left to the professionals.

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