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Recently we have added some new features to our website and social media platforms.  We now have a BOOKING link that will allow our existing and new customers to schedule an appointment at their convenience.  It’s as simple as either going to our website, Facebook page and clicking on the BOOKING tab.  From there you can select what you want done, and pick from open time slots on our schedule.  You will have to pick at least 3 days in the future in order to use this option.

As a conveyance we will call to confirm and make sure you have everything you want on your orders.

Additionally, you will now receive a text that day letting you know the technician is on their way to your job.  You will also see a picture of the technician so that you aren’t surprised when they arrive.  Upon completion you have the option to pay with credit card, or other forms of payment and to sign all from your kitchen table.

We will also be sending you a request to let us know how we are doing it’s as simple as 1,2,3.