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Recently we had a customer reach out to us to see about using their warranty, they had sent several pictures for review so that we could see what was going on.  It turns out that they did have one area on the outside of the tub that was covered under warranty however, the inside of the tub had been damaged over the years to the point of no repairing.

It’s always best to call when you develop a chip or a peel and get it fixed as soon as possible so that the smallest of spots don’t worsen with time and water pressure. The longer you wait the harder it is to fix especially if you are doing something wrong that could cause a problem we can bring this to your attention so that the tub can stay as beautiful as it was when it was originally refinished.

So what is covered under our warranty?  The warranty covers pealing.  Pealing is normally where larger areas of the tub start coming up.  It is usually very easy to detect.  This happens from not getting the area of the tub as clean as needed when it was originally refinished.


Pealing is different than chipping.  Chipping isn’t covered because chipping happens normally from misuse or abuse. Items get dropped, mats get used and bath stools get installed.  These are all things that cause chipping.  Chipping is usually small in nature and the surrounding area still has good adhesion to the original surface.