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I find myself answering this question more and more.  “What color can the tub be done in?”

I have to say that 95% of the jobs are done in White.  But as you know there are hundreds and hundreds of shades of white, not mention all the other colors.  I even have a lot of request for custom colors.  My standard answer is “Yes we can do what ever color you want. ”

I few things to keep in mind when wanting a custom color is, stay as light as possible with the color.  The darker you get the more any imperfections you will see in the tub, not to mention how the hard water stains will be more obvious.  Remember, a black car is beautiful when it’s clean.

So if you really want that custom color, we would ask you to go to Sherman Williams  and browse the thousands of colors, make sure you know what the color number is because that is how we order your custom color.  I will call our manufacture and request a gallon in your specific color choice.  Then about 7 days later your custom color arrives at our shop.

Oh! did I mention the added cost?  You will be purchasing a whole gallon, paying the expensive shipping via UPS, and the Hazardous material freight.  So custom colors are nice but, they come at price.

I always try to recommend our customers to stay neutral and bring your color in with your wall paint and accessories.

-Bathtub Blogger